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Lost Meme

↳  nine characters [6/9] - Juliet Burke

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*this is a random post just to say that Elizabeth Mitchell is the most beautiful person in the world* 


Youtube… I’m pretty sure thats not what Juliet is saying…

(Youtube Captions on LOST videos)


Elizabeth Mitchell - 2013 Winter TCA Tour

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juliet, it’s me.

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that’s funny.

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Elizabeth Mitchell as The Snow Queen - Manipulation 3/..


Okay so I absolutely love Elizabeth Mitchell, and Once Upon A Time is one of my favorite shows, and I’m really happy that she’ll have a role on it! But…. I’m worried that some of the OUAT fans are going to be rude to Elizabeth if she plays a villain or tries to harm one of their favorite characters or something. So please OUAT fans, remember that Liz is so sweet and lovely and she is only playing a character and she does not deserve any hate towards her.

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Adds ‘Frozen’ Villain To Season 4


‘Once Upon A Time’ Adds ‘Frozen’ Villain To Season 4




i’ve been looking through OUAT spoilers all day, and I 100% think Elizabeth Mitchell will be playing The Snow Queen. I think it’ll be like Rumple getting his dark one powers kind of thing. I think she’s going to play a vital part in Elsa’s ice powers’ history.